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Hi, I'm Theresa. 15/Christian/Disnerd/Potterhead/Ringer/Tribute/Twihard/Initiate/Swiftie/Carrie-care-bear/Directioner/Lovatic/Oncer/Captain America/Fix-It-Felix/Jane Austen Novels/etc. Instagram: @tscufan13 twitter: thatTSwiftgirl. This blog was created April 12, 2012 previously thehauntedstoryofus and never-did-a-harddays-work

**My URL is based off Taylor Swift's songs "Everything Has Changed" and "Innocent"**

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Impersonating Liam Hemsworth

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he is beautiful

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i love looking old at pictures and finding new stuff like that what a little bean she is


Awww Taylor commented this on Amos’ wife’s Instagram photo about their new born baby.

It was quite a funny situation though ‘cause (her place) it’s like surrounded by Grammys - she’s got like seven or eight and like Billboard awards and Songwriting Guild and stuff like that and i’m like ‘this chord, huh?’ and she’s like just (points to the shelf).
—Ed Sheeran on arguing with Taylor (x)

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Taylor Swift + Being her HBIC self at Billboard Music Awards 2013

Guys we can’t forget the lip syncing responseimage 

15&16/100 pictures of demi lovato in black&white

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