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As a black woman who has spent her life immersed in black culture and surrounded by black people, I honestly think the term “cultural appropriation is being used way too much. And I partially blame the sudden rising of quasi-activists who have done a little research and think everything is harmful…


So apparently Taylor Swift is racist because all of the black people in her music video are faceless.

I’m sorry did you even watch the video?

Grow up. You people are literally looking for a reason to hate her and are grasping at straws. First she’s a slut, now she’s racist.

And don’t say that when she is on screen that the black person behind her is racist because god forbid a musician be center of their own music video. These gifs are just a couple of scenes where black people are featured dancing and having a great time.

Oh, and wait a minute? All those twerkers…they’re black right?



Well hey, look again because there are at in fact white girls in those shots.

If you don’t like Taylor Swift then don’t watch her videos. You don’t like the song? Don’t listen to it. You don’t like the music video? Don’t watch it. Grow up and stop hating just because you don’t like her


Tbh tumblr is just too sensitive to everything like yall literally have no chill not everything is a goddamn offense



"I have been all over the map as far as emotion wise with this album. I'ts been such an emotional process. Like, writing it for those two years. The last six months of that, like the six months of finishing up the record I’d have nightmares in the middle of the night where I wake up and I be like, have a nightmare that rolling stone hated it. And you know, I wake up and I be like, in the nightmare they give me like half a star like “Is that even possible, do they even do that?” But I was really nervous about it… - Taylor talking about writing Speak Now all by herself.

You did well Tay. You always find the way to put magic in your albums ❤.



So Taylor Swift is racist because 4/6 of the dancers who twerk in her music video are black? Do you know that the twerking started in New Orleans, where 67% of the population is black? And it became REAL popular in mainstream media during the last 3 years because of the presence in hip hop/rap…


Taylor speaks the truth.


list of people taylor swift was making fun of in the shake it off music video:

  • herself

list of people taylor swift was not making fun of in the shake it off music video:

  • literally everybody else on the planet

i’d tell you to chill but haters gonna hate hate hate